I am a firecracker, I have a big heart and the constant desire to try new things, Always pushing myself. I love meeting new people; given the chance I could talk to a stranger on a park bench all afternoon and we would solve all of life's mysteries! I think my friends are the most important part of my life, I would do anything for them. I truly believe that loosening up and letting out a big pure belly laugh is the best forms of therapy. I am a helpless romantic, so it came as no surprise when I was drawn to wedding photography. 

I find it amazing how uniquely special each love story is... I can not wait to learn yours! There is nothing more moving than seeing the joy of being in love, follow a couple into a room, like watching waves roll onto a beach. I routinely tear up when the bride comes down the aisle, hearing the emotion behind a siblings toast, and of course during the parent dances. ( I can't help it! I'm sorry!)

As your wedding photographer I take pride in being there for you every step of the way as needed. I am happy to be as involved in the planning process as you would like, whether that be helping to organize the schedule or just being a sounding board to let you vent and calm your nerves! On your wedding day I can tie a tie, attach the veil, fluff a dress, or anything else that comes up.

Whether it's over a cocktail, coffee, email or text, lets talk!

I am  Jessica Erin




I live in New England, so its no surprise that from May-September if the sun is out then thats where you'll find me, but in all honesty I drive to the beach even in winter! It is truly an obsession. There really isn't anything that brings me more peace then listening to waves crash, with salty air in my lungs, and the breeze in my hair - even if its just for an hour! My ultimate life goal is to someday own a home where the ocean is my backyard.


From Martha's Vineyard, to Iceland, North Conway, to Puerto Rico, I cant get enough! Whether its just a quick weekend away or a two week whirl wind road trip, I'm thrilled to visit somewhere new!  Theres no limit to the places I would like to visit. If I'm not traveling then you better believe Im planning my next trip. 


I know you're thinking, umm yeah... they're great... who doesn't like them? But I don't think most people spend time researching where to find the best donut when visiting a new city. And, there's certainly no limit to a favorite flavors - every flavor is a favorite. So, if your NOT trying to have a friend for life then I would not recommend being one of those couples that has a donut display at their wedding!


My Favorite Things

Burk Uzzle

'' Photography is a love affair with life.''

New England Wedding
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