Red Lion Inn : Cohasset MA

Oh how I love a wedding on a hot summer day – and this one was NO exception! I was assisting Aubrey Greene at Red Lion Inn, in Cohasset MA. Her clients Ali and Jeremy were both easy going, light hearted and ready to throw a party like I’ve never seen before. The couple were wed by their best friend in a traditional Jewish ceremony. They stood hand in hand under an elaborate floral huppah, while exchanging personally written vows. I loved how intimate it felt, as if they were the only ones in the room. Ali couldn’t take her eyes of Jeremy and Jeremy was gleaming with a smile from ear to ear. After the glass had broken and the ceremony was over, the room was turned into a spectacular nightclub. Long colorful drapery had been hung, dark couches to lounge on were brought in and high tops with shiny floral displays were placed around the expansive dance floor. Who ever said you needed to have a formal sit down dinner at a wedding was about to learn a few things from this couple! Did I mention the band?! They really kicked up the party and Ali and Jeremy danced the night away with all their loved ones celebrating around them!

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